a goood team

goood [ gooo d ] adjective better, best.
1. a team that collaborates; works together; ‘goood teamwork, guys.

Caro Isern
founder - creative director

Caro (1970) is an architect, social designer, and sustainability specialist with 18 years of practical work experience in the Netherlands and Argentina. Since May 2015 she is director of A Goood Foundation.
In 2004 she established her practice in Amsterdam working as a consultant and leading innovative organizations that realize projects in the field of sustainable development, working with and for different social organizations, companies, and municipalities.

Caro her speciality is the development of future visions, design strategies and participatory urban interventions at local (neighborhood), city or (inter)national level that aims to tackle current challenges on a creative way, together with partners and stakeholders.

One of the strengths of Caro is her holistic vision on the different aspects of sustainability and the ability to translate it into an innovative and result oriented implementation approach.

In the period 2005-2012, Caro was director of LSDP (Latin Sisters Design Productions) and the Desycle foundation, gaining a unique experience on the set-up of local intervention projects guiding different stakeholders to work together on finding solutions for social and environmental challenges.

See also www.caroisern.com and Caro’s LinkedIn profile

Remco Meijer
co-founder - managing partner

Remco (1972) is senior advisor and coach in organisational and cultural transformation and development of international teams.

In October 2015 he is appointed managing partner at A Goood Foundation and responsible for the internal operation and the stakeholders network of Goood. Besides his work for the foundation, Remco works as change manager for Hot ITem, a company specialised in performance improvement.

Remco’s strength is the development and execution of pragmatic solutions combining his organisational skills with in-depth knowledge of change and stakeholder management.


See also Remco’s linkedIn profile

Lorin Kamperman
Business Development & Fundraising

Lorin background and passion lie in the creative industries. She studied Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam and at the New School in New York and graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree of Business Studies. She put her knowledge in practice at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and at Science Museum NEMO where she was responsible for developing and managing relations with business partners and funds in close collaboration with the management team. After she pursued her long cherished dream to travel through Latin America, she continued working as a fundraiser and business developer for several cultural and social organisations.

Kajetan Hetzer
board member - chairman

Kajetan is Executive Director of the Take-a-Stake Fund and also associate of the organisation WASTE. He is specialized in sustainable finance, sanitation, water management and stakeholder management in public-private cooperations. In the past he was initiator and manager of the SNS Reaal Water Fund.
Kajetan is chairman of the board. He supports Goood with his in-depth knowledge of sustainability related to finance and development issues and his extended network.

See also: Kajetan’s LinkedIn profile

Jet van Dijk
board member

Jet is founder of Yellow Research and a legal expert specialized in scientific research. She advices a variety of European research institutes and universities regarding legal conditions for scientific research, gives training on how to structure large scale scientific research proposals and how to apply for European subsidies.

Jet is board member and supports Goood as well with legal advices and European funding.

Ans Stoub
board member

Ans Stoub is an extreme versatile person with knowledge and working experience in different kinds of environments ranging from practical to academic, in rural settings or state of the art laboratories and global businesses. She is and has been part of several nonprofit boards and acts nowadays as consultant for human resource matters and sustainability initiatives.
Her background is Lab Technician, Biology, Biochemistry and Marketing & Sales, all at Universities in Amsterdam.

Ans is board member, and supports the foundation as well by researching specific fields of interest and editing and translating publications, proposals and reports.

Johannes Verwoerd
Designer and art director, owner of Johannes Verwoerd Studio

Johannes Verwoerd (1985, Amsterdam) is a designer and art director, and the main graphic designer of Goood since the establishment in 2015.

From his practice Johannes Verwoerd Studio he develops visual identities, publications and exhibitions for clients, predominantly from the creative and cultural world. This results in exhibitions books, magazines, animations, identities, collages, typefaces, interventions, doodles, film and virtual museums. His work is an airy encounter between language, typography, animation and design.

See also Johannes’ Linkedin profile and his studio website

Paul de Graaf
advisor urban agriculture design, blue economy and city’s ecosystems – Researcher and designer

Paul (1972) is part of the Goood core team as an advisor. As an independent designer and researcher, he is investigating possibilities for designing the city and countryside as a sustainable socio-ecological system; reintroducing natural processes and ecological principles in the human habitat. His work involves research, design, writing, organisation and teaching and combines an international orientation and experience with a strong local engagement.
He is an expert on the sustainable integration of urban agriculture and other multifunctional living systems in the modern city, and initiator of a number of local networks, innovative collaborations and events in this field. A founding member of the Dutch expert group in urban agriculture Eetbaar Rotterdam, he is initiator and main author of the study “Room for Urban Agriculture in Rotterdam” and took part in several other studies on the role urban and peri-urban agriculture can play in the city. As founder of the Rotterdam Forest Garden Network, he initiates and develops edible green public spaces and peri-urban food forests. Paul de Graaf is a member of the Rotterdam Metabolists and the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES).Metabolists and the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES).

See also: www.pauldegraaf.eu, www.rfgn.nl, www.ergroeit.nl and Paul’s LinkedIn profile

Elise le Guil
Communications platforms expert

Elise (1975) is supporting Goood with setting up a goood structure for virtual collaborative work.

She has been working for international non-profit organisations for 12 years. During the last 7 years, she has set up a database and web based platforms for the members of Friends of the Earth International, a federation of grasssroots organisations aiming for social and environmental justice. She likes to connect the dots and to promote knowledge sharing within organisations by setting up appropriate structures and digital tools. She has experience in being the link between users and developers. She has supported environmental and feminist grassroots groups worldwide and can connect local struggles and issues to international ones. She is a system thinker with a creative and solution orientated mindset. She uses visualisation technics to make complex problems or structures more comprehensible.

See also Elise’s Linkedin profile

Martin Vos
Independent policy researcher and advisor

Martin (1963) is an economist with some 20 years of experience in policy research and advice. His contribution to the goood team comprises strategic advice, fund raising, and text editing and translation.