A successful BACircular week

In the week of November 6 to 11, 2017, took place the first week Buenos Aires – Amsterdam Circular, in cooperation with organizations, social enterprises and the City of Buenos Aires. Specialists from both cities, together with various sectors of the Gobierno de la Ciudad, exchanged ideas for the realization of a Circular Living Lab project in Buenos Aires. The southern part of the city seems to have the greatest potential for an enterprise of this type.

At this moment, with a group of local potential partners, the concrete proposal and the plans for the project in 2018-2019, are being studied. The idea is to find a suitable location and carry out a feasibility study of the project and area to be intervened. We are looking for investors and developers with a sustainable vision who want to join the project, and organizations and governments that want to implement a multi-year program to develop ‘Circular areas’ in the city in a creative and collaborative way.

Currently, there are conversations with several entities of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires: the Design District, the Undersecretary of Projects, APrA – Environmental Protection Agency-, the NGO Amartya, University of San Martín, University of Morón, diverse creative offices that work towards a sustainable city: Estudio Borrachia, Estudio Bulla; creative collectives such as Plug-in Social, IrArquitectura, Wulcon Energy, Un árbol para mi vereda, TaMaco, El Club de Reparadores, CCPM architects, among others.

On January 23, 2018, we organize a program in Amsterdam, in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger. That night, we will be discussing the lessons learned in Buenos Aires with partners of the project Eva Gladek from Metabolic and Sascha Glasl from Space & Matter. This program will have ‘live streaming’ to allow online participation from both cities.

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