My, Your, Our Street

How to build a goood street…

MYO street is a participatory urban design tool where designers work together with neighbours and local organisations to ‘redesign’ and shape their street. All parties are involved in the design process to make a better street, together.

The power of the strategy is the integrated approach, involving everyone – bottom and top – in the design process till implementation. With the strategy we reach multiple values for the neighbourhood in the process: we increase the social cohesion and by co-designing and co-implementing the results, the feeling of ownership of the neighbours grows and consequently the neighbourhood improves.

MYO Street shows the power of working together and empowers the new role of designers in making the city.

The first pilot will provide usable design tools, for implementation in other streets, which will be open-sourced to reach a wider public.

Developer team: arch. Imke van Leuken and arch. Beatriz Pineda Revilla

For more information about the strategy, contact us.