goood design principles

Our design principles are deeply inspired by Nature:

1. Comprehensive & hands-on approach
We work from a holistic design approach, integrating many themes, focussing on materializing ideas.

2. We go deep to understand ‘the architecture of the challenge’
A good cure starts with a good diagnosis. Empathy plays an important role in the process.

3. We do it together!
Instead of competing, we embrace collaborative solutions and work multidisciplinary and crossing sectors in win-win alliances.

4. Empower people (Awareness & Education)
The first step towards participation and social entrepreneurship is awareness. We transfer knowledge to adults and kids. We give people design tools and let them actively participate in the process.

5. Passion & Joy
We love what we do and we want to pass on that passion.

6. We design local solutions for global challenges
Locality plays a big role in sustainable development and the quality of our lives.

7. Multiple cycles, multiple gains
Our designs reach multiple solutions. We use materials and energy sources that are locally available, renewable, and healthy for people and environment. Materials and energy flow in continues cycles generating multiple values: economic, cultural, ecological and so on..

8. We design, prototype and build SYSTEMS
We create systems that can be adapted and repeated in different locations expanding local sustainability at a global level, creating expanded impact.

9. Beauty
Embracing nature diversity, we craft aesthetic results.

10. We design for resilience and adaptability
We seek constant improvement. We adapt easily. We fall and stand fast.

11. Ethics and human rights are at the core of the design decisions
We design projects and businesses where human rights, ethics, and an equal society are embraced.