BACircular is a project that aims to establish a bilateral flow of knowledge and collaboration exchange between Amsterdam and Buenos Aires (The Netherlands and Argentina), to stimulate the transition of both cities towards a circular model of operation, and to find creative ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The project is initiated by a goood foundation and executed by a Dutch consortium of leading companies in sustainable development working in collaboration with Argentinian public and private parties and experts.

After a successful first phase in which we executed the exploratory study Hola Argentina! and the successful first BACircular week, we are now entering the next phase of the project.

At this moment, with a group of potential partners, we are writing the proposal and the plans for the project in 2018-2019. We are gathering the necessary funding to carry out a feasibility study of the project and searching for a suitable location to be intervened.

We are looking for investors and developers with a sustainable vision who want to join the project, and organizations and governments that want to implement a multi-year program to develop ‘Circular areas’ in the city in a creative and collaborative way.

Learn more about the project in Spanish here.