CCC : The Circular City & Countryside


After the successful exploration Hola Argentina! A Goood Foundation continues with the development of the program The Circular City & Countryside. For that, Goood works together with Argentinian and Dutch co-developers. The goal is to establish a sustainable collaboration between makers, creatives and organizations specialized in sustainable (rural and urban) development from Argentina and the Netherlands. The ambition is to operate in a Latin American framework in the future.

In order to maintain a long-term exchange of knowledge, a knowledge platform is needed. This knowledge platform will provide a place where partners can meet, exchange knowledge, put plans into practice and make new plans for collaboration. Within the projects and activities of this program, we work on the development of this platform.

This program is part of a design strategy that aims to create a bilateral laboratory in which the Creative Industries of both countries will be challenged to look for solutions for environmental and social issues in both contexts. The program aims to link the challenges of the City and its Countryside, one of the most important aspects studied in the exploratory study.

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